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Notification of Availability of Information

The Soldier Canyon Water Treatment Authority (Soldier Canyon) maintains a Chemical Risk Management Plan (RMP) in compliance with Federal Regulation CFR 40 Part 68. These regulations are administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in coordination with local emergency management agencies. More information on the RMP Program can be found at

Soldier Canyon works closely with the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management and  LETA 911 to manage and implement the RMP. Soldier Canyon’s RMP includes:

  •  A hazard assessment that details the potential effects of an accidental release, an accident history of the last five years, and an evaluation of worst-case and alternative accidental releases.
  • A prevention program that includes safety precautions, maintenance, monitoring, and employee training measures. 
  • An emergency response program that spells out emergency health care, employee training measures, and procedures for informing the public and response agencies (e.g., the fire department) should an accident occur.

Notification of Availability of Risk Management Plan Information under CFR 40 Part 68.210(a)(c)

This information is available through the following methods:

    a. Visiting a designated federal reading room. The opportunity to make appointments (in addition to walk-ins) is encouraged to enhance the possibility of wide public engagement. 

     b. Contacting the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) public contact to arrange an appropriate means of viewing; or 

     c. Submitting an official Freedom of Information Act request to obtain non-OCA RMP data. 

     d. Contact Soldier Canyon via email at or via phone at (970)482-3143. 

The following chemical hazard information for all regulated processes is available upon request:

  1. Regulated substances information. Names of regulated substances held in a process:
  2. Safety data sheets (SDS). SDSs for all regulated substances located at the facility:
  3. Accident history information. Provide the five-year accident history information required to be reported under §68.42:
  4.  Emergency response program. The following summary information concerning the stationary source's compliance with §68.10(f)(3) or the emergency response provisions of subpart E:
    a.  Whether the stationary source is a responding stationary source or a non responding stationary source:
    b.  Name and phone number of local emergency response organizations with which the owner or operator last coordinated emergency response efforts, pursuant to §68.180: and
    c.  For stationary sources subject to §68.95, procedures for informing the public and local emergency response agencies about accidental releases.
  5. Exercises. A list of scheduled exercises required under §68.96; and LEPC contact information. 

Information on the Larimer County LEPC and community emergency preparedness can be found at:

Larimer County – Office of Emergency Management 
4872 Endeavor Drive, Johnstown CO 
Johnstown, CO 80534

Emergency Information Line: (970) 980-2500